There is always a sport that suits ones mood for a day. It has been a great way to divert your mind to something not work related. There were times when you are stressed on work, feeling like you want to hit somebody near you. In this case, might as well try to look for a sport that includes hitting and inserting force other than hurting someone that might actually get you in jail right? Hahakidding! But if you really need a good break from everything, might as well be sporty for a bit. You can start by playing volleyball. One of the most common sports that is played by all generations including all genders.


        Volleyball is categorized as a team sport, like most of the sports. There were two teams in this game, each team must have at least 6 members, so if you have plenty of friends, might as well invite them to play volleyball. In friendly game, simple toss and hitting the ball is enough to proceed. But when it became a serious sport, one must know the basics in order to make it an interesting game to perform. The things you needed to play this game is a (a) volleyball court which is normally has a size of 18 meters by 9 meters. The court consists of lines that have its purpose. (b) a ball that is spherical and usually made of leather or synthetic leather. And (c) the net that is located in the middle of the volleyball court, where two teams are located at each side of it. In the game, the players rotate in a clockwise direction.

          The players rotate one time when the team has the possession of serve. The other time the players do this is after the opposite team won the possession of the ball or when they losses a point. The game usually starts with a toss coin. This determines which team is the one to serve first. From the serving team, a player toss the ball in the air then hits it this begins the so called ‘rally’. The ball should pass over the net and must land on the receiving team’s side. The receiving team is allowed to made contact of the ball for only three (3) times, given that each touch should be per player, then they must return the ball to the other team’s side. In simple analysis, those three touches of the ball can be classified as; the first touch is normally just a bump or passing the ball to the setter, that is the second to make contact of the ball. The setter directs the ball toward the attacker, the last person to touch the ball who spikes by jumping and striking the ball towards the opponents grounds. Each team can defense their team by blocking the ball. This is usually done by jumping and blocking the attacked ball near the net. The things that I just said are also the basic skills in volleyball. The players are allowed to play using their hands or arms in the game, they can also strike the ball or even push it when necessary. Striking and pushing the ball in this game is legal.

        Volleyball is a convenient sport that can be played anywhere, it can be indoor, even in an open lot, and sometimes it is played at the beach. Beach volleyball is usually played during summer days. Same as the other sports, volleyball can help you be physically fit and helps you gain friends! this sport is also available online, so with or without your friends, you can play this game anytime you wanted.

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