In search for a sport with less people involved? A sport that is unlike basketball or soccer that involves a lot of person doing their things, working or even quarreling? You must prefer privacy in your leisure time; maybe you have a small group of friends. In this case Tennis is a good sport that can answer your need. Tennis is simply a rocket sport! Say if you have a friend, you can proceed in playing this sport immediately because it only requires a minimum of two people to play.

In tennis, the only equipment that you need is a racket and a ball. The Racket is the one the player holds throughout the game. Technically, it is the one use to gain points in the game. In a friendly game, any kind of holding for the rocket is okay. But if the player is serious and really in this sport, there were things that considered in proper handling of the racket while playing. The racket must also be in good condition for the player to perform well and be comfortable in each play. On the other hand, the tennis ball is the only equipment other than the racket that is used in this game. This ball has empty space inside with an outer core of vulcanized rubber. It also has a felt coating giving it a matt appearance. Based on what I recall, these balls used to be color white, but now, as generation pasts, it became optic yellow. This is to give the players a greater vision of the ball. Like every sports, of course tennis is played in a court. But unlike other sports, tennis is played with a net in the middle of the court. Each player is positioned on each side of this net.

One must know that the tennis can be played by ‘singles’ and ‘doubles’. Yes, you can have a partner in doubles! In singles, the only players are you and your opponent. The two of you should designate which one should be the ‘server’ and ‘receiver’ sometimes it is decided based on the toss coin. Where in Doubles, there is actually four players, two players per team. The server gets two tries every time. The serve must go over the net, in the opponents side, if not, another chance is given to serve. If it still miss, the player loss a point. When it comes to scoring, tennis is a sport consists of a game, set and a match. A Game is won when the player or doubles team earns four points or have at least two points more than his competitor. A Set is won when the player or doubles team won at least six games or have at least two games ahead his competitor. Lastly, a match is composed of sets. Match is won by the player or a doubles team that has a more number of winning sets. In addition, the normal format of sets in tennis can be the ‘best of three’ or ‘best of five’. It may sound complicated at first but as you explore this game, you’ll find out that you can register it easily.

This game is suitable for everyone, less number of players, maximum of four. It is suitable for small group of friends. It can also be played by larger group of people, but they must play on different matches. An online game of tennis allows solo flight people to play this game. Feel the adrenaline of sports behind their computers. This sport is also proven to relieve stress. Easy workout for people out there who doesn’t want to insert too much strength in sports.

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