When it comes to sports, Association football well known as live soccer or football is the leading game played by people around the world. It comes first before basketball. It’s so happened that it is the dominant sport in Europe, South America, and Africa. A group of people is needed in order to play this, maybe it’s the reason why majority of the people is in to this sport. As they say, this game makes me believe of the quote ‘the more the merrier’.

         To begin with, soccer is a game where a great amount of strength and agility is needed. Like any other sports, it is made for fun and for someone to spend their leisure time. Therefore if you are interested in this sport, I assume you like to spend your time inserting more effort in what you are doing. In soccer the whole body of the player works. Especially the player’s feet. There should be two teams in order to start the game. Each team must have a minimum of eleven players including one goalkeeper. A number of three (3) substitutes are allowed in the game but in friendly matches, the number of substitutes depends on the agreement of each team. The only things that the players needed to play this game aside from the officials are the field, the soccer ball and the two goals that should be located at each end of the soccer field. The players in this game are appointed to have their positions. The Goalkeeper is the only one in the players allowed to use his hand or arms to touch the ball while in the game. The goalkeeper is an important part of the team because his the one to prevent the opponent to gain a point or a goal. The Outfield player is referred to the other players aside from the goalkeeper. They are only allowed to use their feet sometimes their head or torso to pass or strike the soccer ball throughout the game. Unlike basketball, There are only two halves in soccer but each halves consist of forty-five (45) minutes. When the ball is on field and the game begins, each half is not stopped, this means each half is played continuously. In between those periods, fifteen (15) minutes break is given to the players, to rest or whatsoever. Maybe this break usually gives the players time to focus on their strategy. There were also ‘stoppage time’ or ‘injury time’ which can be called as ‘loss time’. This loss time can only be declared by the referee which is also the time keeper of the game; he is in charge in additional time or in making allowance in the loss time. The end of the game is referred to as full-time. Same as other sports, the team that has the greater goals wins the match. When it comes to ties, the match can either be declared as draw, or an extra time or penalty shootout is given in the game. this depends on the format of the competition.

        There you have the basics of The Beautiful Game. Yes, ‘The Beautiful Game’ is a nickname for soccer. Suits the kind of sport that is number one played by people right? This is a team sport so it’s pretty played by a bunch of people around the world. It has its benefits in some sorts. Like it helps one expand his social life became friendlier. Today’s generation, even I alone can play this sport, thanks to some game developer who created soccer games online, which makes it easy for everyone to try this sport anytime using their gadgets.

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