Oguzhan Ozyakup, a Turkey’s Rising Star – Oguzhan Ozyakup is a Turkey’s rising star. Turkey is not a productive country for raising young soccer players. But sometimes, some kids with very good ability appear and represent the country at the highest level. Ozyakup is one of them. He is a 24-year-old midfielder who successfully contributed 5 assists and 3 goals from 10 appearances in the Turkish league this season. Ozyakup’s game


Zouma wants to Reach Success in EURO 2016 – Enjoying the activities while getting the up to date information about the football is something fun especially as the refreshment during our frustrating day. If you are football lovers, enjoying the updates from the world’s football is a good idea to refresh our mind and getting a sweet escape from what makes us so stuck and frustrated. In recent days, of course


VOLLEYBALL        There is always a sport that suits ones mood for a day. It has been a great way to divert your mind to something not work related. There were times when you are stressed on work, feeling like you want to hit somebody near you. In this case, might as well try to look for a sport that includes hitting and inserting force other than hurting someone that


        In search for a sport with less people involved? A sport that is unlike basketball or soccer that involves a lot of person doing their things, working or even quarreling? You must prefer privacy in your leisure time; maybe you have a small group of friends. In this case Tennis is a good sport that can answer your need. Tennis is simply a rocket sport! Say


         When it comes to sports, Association football well known as live soccer or football is the leading game played by people around the world. It comes first before basketball. It’s so happened that it is the dominant sport in Europe, South America, and Africa. A group of people is needed in order to play this, maybe it’s the reason why majority of the people is in


BASKETBALL Feeling sporty today? Looking for something that will make yourself unwind for a bit. Might as well play a game that is both familiar and easy to understand. Basketball is a rightful game for starters like you. It’s like all you have to do is dribble the ball and do your best to focus on shooting the ball in the ring. It sounds easy right?, But as you progress


       Domino is a rectangular tile that is made of wood, plastic or bones. It is being played all over the world and it is one of the oldest game that still exist. It is very easy to play and the mechanics of the game is so simple. Some games are being won by luck but you can also use your skills in playing it. You can always play it


       Many individuals, especially the men, love to play billiards. Most of them go to certain places just to play these games. They even make bets as to who will win these matches. You may also be one of these billiards fanatics. However, at times, these places may be full and that there is no vacant table for you and your friends. If luck is not on your


        Online gambling is always a huge draw among a lot of people these days. The fact that one can bet and win money without the need to have to be physically inside a casino is indeed very interesting. Of course, if you have the chance to win money when playing these online sports, you have the chance to lose some as well. So, it does help


       Horse racing is considered to be the most popular performance sport in the earliest time. It is a sport where Jockeys who are well-trained individuals ride their horses. They aim to be the first to cross a given course,track, or distance and be announces as the winner.        While horse racing already existed since the ancient times and marks an extensive and notable history, it