Oguzhan Ozyakup, a Turkey’s Rising Star


Oguzhan Ozyakup, a Turkey’s Rising Star – Oguzhan Ozyakup is a Turkey’s rising star. Turkey is not a productive country for raising young soccer players. But sometimes, some kids with very good ability appear and represent the country at the highest level. Ozyakup is one of them. He is a 24-year-old midfielder who successfully contributed 5 assists and 3 goals from 10 appearances in the Turkish league this season.

Ozyakup’s game style: High creativity

From his style, Ozyakup is known as a player who has a high creativity in the field. Many people compare his style to Zidane’s. In fact, when he played at Arsenal, a lot of people had compared him with Cesc Fabregas. Ozyakup is able to release measured and accurate passing in the field, a little more similar to Fabregas. However, Ozyakup also has other advantages; he is a player who is quite versatile. He was able to play the wing position, but indeed, his contributions are more visible when he played in a central position.

A rising star

When playing in Alkmaar, Ozyakup is rated as one of the players with high talent. Louis van Gaal, Alkmaar coach at that time, is really liked Ozyakup’s style. Therefore, at the age of only 15 years old, Ozyakup has been invited to train with the first team players. It is a great honor for 15 years old.

It is also happened when he moved to Arsenal. He was already surrounded with the hype stating that he is Fabregas’ successor because of his excellent skill.

In his first full season, Ozyakup was even able to bring Arsenal U-18 won the Premier Academy League in 2009. Quite a feat, eh?

Although he only played once when Arsenal played against Shrewsbury in the League Cup competition, he succeeded to send 1 assists to make his team advanced and win the game.

Having double nationality, Turkish and Dutch, making Ozyakup was elected to be the captain of the Netherland U-17. At Euro U-17, he was able to bring the Netherlands into the final round before being defeated by the German U-17 which at that time was led by Mario Gotze.

Leaving Arsenal and then joining Besiktas in 2012, Ozyakup has a lot to offer even though he had to throw his talents under the coach Slaven Bilic and Samet Aybaba who did not understand what Ozyakup could do. However, as Ozan Tufah or Arda Turan, he can be very useful in building strategy.

The highlight was when he chose to play for Turkey instead of Dutch at the age of 19. Unexpectedly, Ozyakup made his first international goal while defending Turkey against the Netherlands in Euro 2016 qualifying. He managed to give a surprise to the Netherlands by using Arda Turan’s pass and make a goal 1-0 for Turkey. This makes the Netherlands’ position worsened and failed to qualify for Euro 2016 this summer.

Very energetic and a central attacking midfielder for his club and country, he has a good first touch, taking passes down channel and has a cool temperament. All of that sparked his old club interest once again and, of course, make Oguzhan Ozyakum be the Turkey’s rising star.

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