How to Play Dominoes Online Like a Pro?


       Domino is a rectangular tile that is made of wood, plastic or bones. It is being played all over the world and it is one of the oldest game that still exist. It is very easy to play and the mechanics of the game is so simple. Some games are being won by luck but you can also use your skills in playing it. You can always play it at home with your friends and family. If you do not have a companion, you can always play it online.  You can even make real cash by online gambling. It can really relax your stressful day.

There are different type of this game such as Block and Draw, Five-up, Three-up, Chicken foot, Concentration, Mexican Train and it can also be used for toppling. Mechanics varies depending on how you will play it. The most common type is Block and Draw. It can be played by two up to as much as sixteen players. Everyone can play it. Some people plays for fun and relaxation but some also plays to earn money. People who wants a serious money, plays domino online like a pro. Below are the tips and strategies that you can use to have an edge in your opponent.

  1. Know the rules. Familiarize yourself on the rules of the game you are playing. It is a must. As soon as you have the overall view of the game, you can derive techniques on your own in order for you to win.
  1. Doubles should set down first. You will have a hard time if you will get stuck with doubles because the values in both end are the same. Making it difficult to set down in the middle of the game. It is important that you do not take chances on doubles. So, set down as soon as you have an opportunity.
  1. Maintain tiles with lower values. Heavier tiles must be set down as early as possible because you do not know if the game is for you or not. At the end of the game and when there are no tiles to set down, the player who has the lowest values/points wins. You never want to get caught on a high score and have a chance to win.
  1. Keep tiles with different values. It is important to have tiles with different values so you can have something to set down and you can avoid pass on your play.
  1. Observe your opponent’s tiles. By observing your opponent’s play, you can get an idea on what tiles he have. You can anticipate and guess what he does not have.
  1. Take note of what he does not have. Remember the value of the tile when your opponent pass his play. It is an edge for you. You can block him and take control of the game. You can set down the tile that he does not have and make him pass his play until you run out of tiles and win the game.
  1. Study your tiles. Remember that if you do not have a certain tile in your hands, it means that it can be in your opponent. In knowing this, you can have the opportunity to block him.

It is true that domino is very easy to play but you should stay alert focused. It can make you win the game for significant cash prizes. Join tournaments that are being organized online. You can find it mostly in online gambling sites. Just make sure that you practice and play it like a pro. Remember that a skilled player does not need luck to win games. He needs to remember the tips and strategies and be ready to do it correctly.

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