Golf – Every person has his own belief on things. There’s a lot of times that people believe what they can only see. Each one of us has an opinion on certain things; it depends on our perspective and the likes of one another. Golf, for example, is a boring game to those who doesn’t really know the essence of this game.

Golf is a game that requires control. It doesn’t rely much on the players’ strength. It is a club and ball sport where the golfers’ uses different types of clubs to hit the golf balls into the number of holes set in the field or on a course in few strokes of the club. To become a golfer, you must familiarize yourself and have the equipment’s needed in order to proceed in this game.

(a) the Golf clubs; several clubs are available in stores that one can avail. During games, a golfer usually carries different kind of clubs (A maximum of fourteen clubs can be carried by the golfer) clubs are also numbered base on its angles or loft. Woods, Irons, and Putters are the three commonly use clubs. Woods are used for long shots and usually have a big head. It has the lowest numbered clubs for it has the least loft. Irons are clubs that is made of metal and has a more flat head. It is more accurate because it allows the golfer to add control over the direction, spin, and distance of the ball. Some specialized irons have their names like the Wedge and Sand wedge. Irons are said to be very helpful when approaching the green and in the rough. Putters is a flat face club used to simply roll the ball. Usually used on the green, and note that a good putting plus the players proper handling skill is key to score well.

(b) Golf balls; originally made of hardwood then to ‘featheries’ (it is a golf ball made of leather skins stuffed with feathers) now with various layers of synthetic material. It is normally designed to have 300 to 450 dimples, 1.68 inches in diameter and weighs 1.62 ounces. The material of the ball has a great effect on the ball when hit. A harder ball travels further while softer ball allows the golfer to have control on the spin and distance.

(c) The golf bag is needed for carrying the clubs and another equipment’s the golfer desired to have.

(d) Tees can be made of plastic or wood. It is used to raise the ball of the ground, allowing the golfer to have a clearer shot.

(e) other equipment include club head covers, golf shoes, gloves, and towels. Unlike different sports, golf doesn’t require a uniform or standard playing area. It is played on a course usually with nine (9) to eighteen (18) holes arranged progressing. The Golf starts in the tee area. ‘Drive’ refers to the first shot. The golfer places the ball in the tee to have a better shot on the ball. Golf is won by the golfer or team that wins more holes than his or their opposing team.

Playing gambling online golf has its benefits for its players. It is a good way to have fun and spend some quality time with your friends and family. With this sport, fewer injuries for the kids, unlike other sports that include running where children usually get scratched. It practices one’s concentration and more importantly, it makes you control your emotions, life is like golf, there are ups and downs in this game, it makes you overcome obstacles like making mistakes in the process, but making it better the next time you try. Online Gambling Golf also makes people appreciate the nature, for golf courses are played outdoors.

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