Fraud Avoidance


       This is a guidance for you and also to other people. By playing the online casino, you should also know who to trust, the person who have dishonest act and who counterfeit. This is about to be documented because of many fraudulent person who has a deceptive characteristics on their personality. This is the hereditary traits that you may encounter due to the large number of people that you may bump into the game.  There are rumors that some of the gamblers don’t paying attention on the account about remunerating their credits because of losing their bet. The several circumstances are used to be the hints of the fraud members. You should be aware of the gambling activities on the online casinos such us paying attention to your bet. Do not be caught off guard. The fraud people may take an advantage to you and maybe you became their target.

        And there is a rumors of fake and illegal online casino. The QQ188 we will assure you that we are a legit online casino. You can have your winnings and pay outs through your AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE or the ATM card. By the use of your bank account, your money is secure from the fraud companies that are trying to steal the cash from your triumph.

        When it comes on the social security, we highly recommend that our sites which are the QQ188 and QQ288 are being protected and you’re not allowed to enter if you attempt some fraud and inappropriate actions. There are manifold confirmations of the fraudulent issues.

       As the rumors have been circulated at the entire online casinos, they are many non-legitimate players who became a fraud and refusing to pay the withdrawals to the genuine and legitimate players. As the concept of having those bad persons, we conducted to use some appliances that can automatically have the mathematical proven the charlatan to cheat. This can be an example to those wants or attempting to deceive other players. We have your personal identity as you registered on the online site when you will start to play the website feature. If you are one of the tricksters and swindlers on the site, your personal screenshots will be out as evidence that have been recorded through our websites coordinators. As far as you reached the climax, you will be blocked on the sites and you can never have a chance to play the online features of our websites. The social portals called the people who used to be a con artist as a rogue casino.

       As the association portals of the online casino and some player’s council, we are surely maintaining the blacklist of the subject. The legality of our site is formally introduced to you as you read the beginners oath. We will assure to you that all of the happenings throughout the league of the games will be recorded and also being watched by the trustworthy website coordinators of the QQ188 and QQ288

        If you are ready to be one of the various gamblers that putting a lot of effort to win the game, may we recommend you to visit our website using focal browser of your personal computer or you can also use your cellular mobile phone as long as you have a stable internet connection. Using the tips of your fingers, start typing and log in to or this sites are invading the world of online casino. There are many game features that you can surely satisfy your desire. Join now and be a part of this site and play as you can.

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