Familiar or heard the name Muhammad Ali? Have you watched, even noticed the newsfeed in social media the flow of events about the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight? Those people are names of popular Boxing players. Boxing is an entertaining sports to watch especially to those kind of persons who’s into bloodbath or violent sports. On what I have observed, Guys are usually attracted to this kind of sport maybe because they seek superiority or power against their opponent.

           When studied, Boxing is a combination of combat sport and martial arts where two people (the boxers, one enemy of another) throw punches on each other using a glove hands. It requires a lot of strength, agility, speed, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Commonly, the boxers aim is to weaken and knock down his opponent. Boxing matches are held in a boxing ring with a referee. Boxers have their coaches and staffs on the ring side to assist him in his needs. The fight begins when the boxers enter the ring from their designated corners. The match is usually consisting of 9 to 12 rounds. Each round is equivalent to 3 minutes. After each round, a minute is given to the boxers to rest or get advice to their coaches and staffs on their corner of the ring. The referee is an important part of the boxing match because he is the one to supervise the duration of the fight, he conducts and controls the boxers, implements the rule and assures the safety of the boxer inside the ring, if a boxer is knocked down by his opponent, he is the one to count and see if the player can still stand and continue the match. It is the end of the round when the bell rings and the fight eases, the boxers then return to their ring side. Three (3) judges are also present in the ring side to supervise each round and give points to the boxers. These points are based on the contact the boxers made on each other like the punches, their defences, number of knockdowns if any, and others. When one boxer is knocked out during the match (or simply can’t continue the fight anymore), the other boxer is declared as the winner, if not, the winner of the match is now on the hands of the judges. The scores that the judges gave to each boxer during the past.

          12 rounds will determine who the winner is. Draws, split, and unanimous decisions are common in the judge’s scores but the one who has the highest points given by the judges will be declared the winner of the game and also the one to receive the belt.
An onlooker or simply viewers of a boxing match might think that this sport is a simple game of punching and beating. Yes, the player throws a lot of punches and beats one another but there are certain precautions and techniques the boxers observes. Some techniques that you may recall are the stance; upright stance, semi and full-crouch. The different kind of punches like the uppercut jabs, cross, and hook. The defence; blocking, slipping, bobbing, cover-up, clinching, footwork and simply pulling away. If you’re interested in boxing but afraid to be on matches, online games are available in the internet. If you like to earn money, one can bet on some boxing matches and see your luck on the player you have chosen. This sport can also be a simple work out for you. Actually, boxing is a good work out because this sport includes whole body work out. Meaning all parts of your body is being exercised. It can be classified now as a fitness activity because it improves one’s health, also a normal person can learn athletic skills without receiving punch! No wonder why Boxing is one of those sports that is never fading out in history.

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