Basics Tutorials to Hit a Baseball


Basics Tutorials to Hit a Baseball – Hit a ball is one of the most fun yet difficult things in baseball or softball game. You can’t simply swing your bat, but there are some required swing techniques, physical mechanics, and mental focus needed on it. Follow the basic tutorials below to improve your hitting skills.

  1. Get Your Property Ready

When you want to hit a ball, you should use a bat, don’t you? For beginners, a lighter bat is a good property to make you get the feel of hitting. Hold the bat an inch or two up on the bat can make it lighter. Batting gloves are also needed, so you can grip or touch the bat better. Put also a helmet for more safety.

  1. Take Your Stance Properly

Stand in the batter’s box next to home plate (stand in the right side of you’re right handed and vice versa). Face and stand a foot back from the plate, so left/right side of your body towards the pitcher.

  • Choose a medium stance which not too close or far from the plate. When you are too close to the plate, you can find it difficult to hit an inside pitch. While you’re too far, you will have less access to the pitches. Make sure you’re standing right across the plate, so you can hit the ball squarely.
  • Open your legs as wide as your shoulder and your feet point towards the plate, so you can stand balanced.
  • Only slightly bend your knees to help you swing the bat easier. Swinging with straight knees will make you powerless, while too much bending will give let you lose a higher pitch.
  1. Hold the Bat Correctly
  • Grip the bat firmly yet flexible with both of your hands. If you’re right-handed, place the left hand on the bottom and right hand few inches on the top of bat’s base (vice versa if you’re left handed).
  • Hold up the bat. Bent your left elbow about 6 inches in front of your chest, while the right elbow in a straight line with your shoulder.
  • Don’t put the bat on your shoulder, but cocked it slightly behind your head.
  1. Focus Your Eyes on the Ball

Once your stance is ready, now focus both of your eyes on the pitcher and the ball. Never take your eyes off from the ball, pick it up early if you want for a better result.

  1. Swing the Bat
  • Right after the pitch released, switch your weight on the back foot. Raise slightly and step forward about a foot towards the pitcher with your front foot.
  • Swing your bat by moving your hand towards the ball. Straighten your hand and positioned the bat to make a contact with the ball. Right here, the decision is made by your ball tracking. If you think it’s a ball, continue to stride and watch the ball go. But if it’s a strike, turn your hips and swing your bat.
  • Follow through (complete circle around your body).
  1. Drop Your Bat and Run

Right after you hit the ball, drop your bat and run to the first base.

Unless you’re born with the skills, hit a baseball properly can’t be done without regular practices. Once you put your mind and efforts on it, you can become the best hitter on the history.

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