Advises on half time and full time football predictions

Advises on half time and full time football predictions

Predicting results for full ninety minute matches should be more difficult compared to predicting first half outcomes. Conversely, making a bet on full time matches should be more risky compared to half time match betting since there is more time for a match to against a punter. It is essentially a game made up of two halves as one looks at the differences between half time and full time betting. This means Advises on half time and full time football predictions are important for punters.

Advises on half time and full time football predictions


Compared to full time goals there are fewer goals scored during the first halves of games within all leagues analysed. The half time goals information produces more concentrations of correct scores as frequencies in tighter ranges of outcomes than full time markets. Less goals mean tighter and higher under or over X score frequencies and all other half time score related markets.

Full time scores remain less predictable because of wider varieties of actual outcomes. The significance of this FT data is diluted because more numbers of correct goal clusters have fewer results of live odds updates compared to more numbers of HT goal clusters. Therefore, larger statistics pools are required for FT analysis prior to cluster groups seeing consideration as significantly numbered.

Advises on half time and full time football predictions
Advises on half time and full time football predictions

The first half and second half paradoxes

No game is won by the end of the first half where many teams use first halves for reserving energy and containment in preparation for more concrete decisions during second halves. Most first halves have teams cancelling out each other with underlying fitness evenly distributed between teams. It is not deniable that players remain fresher psychologically during first halves than when the second period commences.

Also affected is player mentality with the knowledge that they can make corrections to live sports streaming mistakes made during the initial half and make up for missed opportunities. Whatever reasons given for deadlocks at first halves the draw remains a common occurrence for half time 1×2 results in every league and season. The second always ends up being played using different circumstances compared to the first.

It is rare to see teams throw the kitchen sink during first halves. This is typically reserved as a second half ploy because if it succeeds, the opposing team have no time to organize a hit back. In addition, richer bigger clubs do afford better medical and training facilities allowing them to have fitter players. Fitness levels in players becomes more critical the longer play goes on.

Tactically substituting players normally occurs during second halves when fresh bodies against tiring ones makes significant differences. Fitness could even affect first half outcome should a team play less than three days after their last game. This is because medical research has confirmed players need no less than three days of recovery between games.

An excellent example of this fatigue centered syndrome is what is defined as European Hangover allegedly suffered by those teams with midweek games during European competitions. Irrespective of how big their squads are, a noticeable number of performances below par occurs for these teams on weekends following.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the shortest priced HT on Asian odds checker event is the draw. The exception here is where overwhelming favorites are playing rank outsiders. At that point, a draw becomes the number two shortest price. The nil draw features as the most common HT result where every league and season goes.

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