4 Mind Blowing Facts of Gambling


Online poker, online football gambling, bingo, and roulette are some of the addictive gambling games. Gambling is a game which would require a person to risk something that has value. This kind of game, when already in your system, would make you want to not stop even when you are already lost everything.

Gambling can be fun but there has to be a limit for your play. Otherwise, you might regret betting too much. Here are four mind blowing facts about gambling that would help you understand, and hopefully compels you to stop, gambling.

Fact #1: Gambling can break families and relationships.

Many of the gamblers do not realize that they have already spend more time in gambling than with the people they love. With the technology today, people can easily spend more time in gambling in the internet like online football gambling and online poker.

The arguments in the family increases especially in terms of money when gamblers do not have sufficient discipline to control his gambling. Sometimes gamblers also borrow money from their relatives that can risk their relationship if the money borrowed is not paid.

Some factors that could also ruin families and relationships are gamblers missing family activities, being irresponsible to their children, and  their tendency to become violent.

Fact #2: Gambling can be financially risky.

One of the biggest problem gamblers have is that they forget to balance their high level of loss and the little winning they earn. Although they also experience “big wins” occasionally, they fail to realize that they have already lost too much for them to recover with just a few “big wins”.

To recover from what they have lost, they borrow money from banks and debt collectors. They will never stop borrowing until they have maxed out their credit cards or unable to pay debt collectors in time. This would lead them to bankruptcy.

Fact #3: Gambling causes health problems.

Many people do not think that gambling has health risks. Gambling can be physically draining. Some health problems that a gambler will suffer from are mostly associated with their emotional, physical, and psychological condition.

A gambler’s self-esteem decreases as losses occurs more than winnings. They could also suffer more from anxiety, stress, mood swings, attention deficit hyperactivity, manic and clinical depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Physical sickness gamblers experience are fatigue, insomnia, muscular tension, colitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, skin problems, and many more. They also smoke more which causes them to have lung related diseases. People that are fixated to gambling also consider or even attempt suicide because the pressure is already too much for them.

Fact #4: Gambling will make you jobless.

Gambling would affect the individual’s ability to perform effectively in their work, college, school, and even with simple house hold chores. People that are addicted to gambling are more likely to take sick leaves because they spend time playing online football gambling or any online gambling available at the time.

Gambling can be so addictive that some gamblers daydream about gambling, which subsequently make them less productive than before. People around a gambler can easily see that his performance at work is becoming inefficient. This would result to low performance rating and may cost him his job.

Gambling can be fun at times but you must know when to stop taking risk. Just bear in mind that too much of everything can lead anyone to ruins. It may be enjoyable at times but due to the euphoria people feel when they win, they end up betting and losing too much. Gambling can be very destructive to our lives. You may not just end up broke but it can also lead you to many health issues. Worst, it can destroy your relationship with your family.

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